50+ and Fabulous

Living the life you deserve!
What will you experience during this 7-day Field trip to the Soul?


This retreat is for anyone over 50 who is looking for an adventure, some new connections, a taste of the unknown, and a grand mix of nature, creativity, culture, and a lot of laughter!


About me: 

Your host Laurie has been living in Bali for 4yrs and knows the lay of the land, speaks the language and is a quirky, slightly introvert (sometimes), lover of life.... This wasn't always the case as she struggled for many years with eating disorders, codependency, and a multitude of other challenges! She has been on a journey of self discovery (and still is), and has come to understand that there is much joy to be had through making new connections, creativity, adventure, nature and laughter (she used to take life far too seriously!!)


As a professional retreat planner for other hosts, Laurie has decided to host a retreat of her own for women 50 and over who want to explore and play on this beautiful tropical Island, living the life they deserve! There is something for everyone and everything is optional, so if you feel like a solo adventure and meeting some like minded beauties click on the tab below to grab your place on this epic adventure!!

Whatsapp or email for more info!

+27 82 898 9206 - laurie@soulblissbali.com





Private - $2450 USD Per Person

20th to 27th November 2022
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