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Awaken & embrace your feminine energy amongst like-minded women.

Early Bird:
Private Room AED 12,000
Sharing Room AED 10,500

(Valid Until 31 October, 2022)
Normal Price:
Private Room AED 13,000
Sharing Room AED 11,500

What will you experience during this 8-day Bali Soul Retreat?

You will try different technics and practices to be spiritually connected to your own feminine

Be supported, loved and valued by the women around you as you connect with the best
version of yourself, manifest your desires and create the sacred space where you can truly feel the essence of being a woman.


Explore the true meaning of well-being as you revive yourself through yoga and wellness workshops.


This retreat is all about coming back to yourself, re-harmonizing and connecting with your authentic, powerful, natural spirit. And we promise lots of laughter and fun in the magical land of Bali.


Daily yoga sessions, meditation, wellness and healing hosted by our Founder of Inner Seed Wellness Laura-Helene, who is our Senior yoga teacher and very much loved by the Adventure Yogi guests.  

Laura has been offering retreats in the UAE, Asia and Europe since 2016 making a powerful difference into women’s lives and well-being.

She is incredibly passionate about the many benefits of living a yogic lifestyle, physically, mentally, and spiritually. She takes you on a journey that will release, soften and inspire your soul. 

Each day is varied with new theme, new body focus to ensure you have a truly relaxing experience, following an easy yogic flow. 

She studied the ancient practices in India, which included Ayurveda medicine and Chakra Healing. She aims an inviting practice for everyone and encourages to explore new boundaries.

Her power is her care and love. As a cancer survivor, Laura has found a new source of guidance within her to continue inspiring and helping people find the light even in the darkest of times.


6th to 14th May 2023 &
17th to 25th May 2023
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