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An opportunity to rest and reset your body, mind, and spirit.

$1900 USD Private
$1750 USD Twin Share


This retreat is for anyone and everyone who need a break from their day to day routine and a chance to relax in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Theresa and Jennifer will be offering the perfect mix of active energizing activities, relaxing restful indulgence, delicious local food/drinks, and the amazing company of like-minded traveling friends.  Their goal is to make everyone who comes on this trip feel like they belong and are welcome.


Theresa DeLorenzo is a certified yoga instructor and certified yoga therapist with an emphasis on positive body image.  She is also a Registered Dietitian and owns a private practice working with athletes to optimize their performance and individuals who struggle with their body image.  She uses yoga in her practice to enhance her client’s outcomes by assisting them in connecting their mind and body.  In addition to yoga and nutrition, Theresa enjoys hiking, stand- up paddle boarding, cooking and reading.  She has two children who anxiously await the day they will be able to join her on one of these abroad excursions.  


Jennifer Newman is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor. Her day job is in Human Resources but in her free time she teaches yoga all over Albany, NY. Jennifer offers yoga through several running/athletic groups, community organizations, and studios. In addition to yoga she loves running, cycling, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding and anything that gets her body moving, preferably outside. She also loves dancing, cooking, reading, puzzles, and Harry Potter!


Jennifer & Theresa have been running buddies, yoga partners, and friends for several years! They host a local Sip, Snack, Stretch series where they offer food, drinks, and yoga classes in a themed, fun, light-hearted, all-inclusive environment.


08/10/22 to 15/10/22
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