Equinox Soul Revival, Yoga & Mediation Retreat Bali

Come join us for a full yogic experience, where our glandular system is secreting at its highest during the vernal equinox, a powerful time in which the day and night are of equal length signifying the beginning of spring, a time of rebirth and renewal. Strengthen the body with a daily physical Hatha/Vinyasa practice focusing on moving through asanas easily and comfortably. Plunge into the depths of your mind with a daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation by strengthening your pranayama breathing and focusing on kriyas, mantras and mudras that awaken the soul. Heal any past traumas with the beautiful frequencies of the singing bowl and kirtan meditations that resonate to unite the body, mind and soul.


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To bring an open heart and mind, let Bali fill your soul with light and bliss.



Gabriela found her passion for Yoga nine years ago while attending an intensive dance training program at Broadway Dance Center. Her intentions were to work on her flexibility and relax her muscles from hours of strenuous practices, but what she gained was so much more. Yoga had become a catalyst for expanding her spiritual practice, an outlet to release any emotional tensions or stresses of daily life.


As her practice in Yoga deepened so did her spiritual journey in life. It helped to give her a deeper understanding of who she is and which path was meant for her in this lifetime. During her teacher training course to get certified as a Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Instructor in Koh Phangan, Thailand, Gabriela also learned about Ayurveda, it's holistic approach to health and wellness and how it uses food as medicine to heal the body and prevent diseases and imbalance. She then decided that it was time to take these Yoga teachings off the mat and adapted a plant based lifestyle.

In 2020 after the pandemic struck Gabriela decided that there had to be a way to encourage the masses to start leading a cleaner healthier approach to the way we view the role of food and diet in our lives. That’s when she came across the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and felt that their approach to health and wellness was just what the world needed. Giving people the necessary tools and primary belief that all of us as humans have the innate ability to heal themselves and get well on their own terms with their own bio-individual needs.

Agiapal began his yoga journey as a teenager, what was first a physical practice quickly matured into a spiritual practice. He  was blessed to find the teachings of Kundalini Yoga soon after, which he credits to saving his life. He began to turn his yoga practice from inward to outward and started to live a life of service. Which began his teaching journey as well is his journey as a multi-disciplinary healer. 

Agiapal is currently finishing his masters in Oriental medicine in NY, is a certified Reiki Practitioner and has studied holistic healing through food. Agiapal extensive training and studying in both western and eastern medicine allow him to bridge the gap between the esoteric and scientific. He is a firm believer that our bodies are the most sophisticated pharmaceutical company that exist. You can prepare leaving his classes blissed out and with knowledge about the inner and outer working for the bodies and universe that are sure to change your life and how you navigate your experience on earth.




Private Room - US$2085 or Twin Share US$1890 (Expires 30th Sept 2021)

Private Room - US$2185 or Twin Share US$1990 From 1 October 2021)

18/03/22 to 25/03/22
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