The Summer-Winter Solstice Retreat in Bali

$2022 USD Private


Join us, Dee Davis and Noble Dre* Ali of Noble Alkhemy for an ALL INCLUSIVE 6-night/7 days Winter Solstice retreat in Bali! This is a retreat to restore yourself and honor your mind, body and spirit. If you have been feeling drained, burnt out, and needing your cup to be refilled - this retreat is for you! We will explore all aspects of the arts with culture in a way that truly elevates your health, wellness, and healing.  Over a course of 7 days together we will reach inward to connect with ourselves amongst the dreamy landscape of rice fields in Bali. Certified Yoga instructor, Dee Davis will host daily sunrise yoga sessions and sunset meditations; as well as guided discussions about the benefits of various wellness practices. You will learn how to restore yourself back to inner and outer peace and explore experiences that evolve your healing to a level you may have never experienced before. You will also learn from International Artist, Noble Dre*Ali who will host a live Power Painting session where you, too, will feel like an artist as you infuse the natural beauty of Bali and learn about the rice fields. You will then take the professional mixed media techniques to create your own masterpiece on rice paper! 


Please download our itinerary for a full list of what's included. 



To bring an open heart and mind, let Bali fill your soul with light and bliss.



Co-founder and wellness coordinator for Noble Alkhemy. Dee Davis is a mother, wife, international traveler, health educator and yoga instructor living in the Bronx. With her master’s degree in health education and promotion, Dee has had several personal and professional experiences in the conventional healthcare system which inspired her to co-found Noble Alkhemy. With 12 year’s experience in the health field, Dee has seen firsthand how Western medicine places focus on one aspect of health: physical health. Too often she has seen how it misses the other equally important components that contribute to one’s healing. Components such as mental health, social health, financial health, emotional health and spiritual health.  Dee enjoys sharing her passion for the natural world with her community. Dee uses a creative approach to educate major health topics affecting a multitude of communities. Dee currently conducts community wellness workshops and retreats, ranging from various meditation techniques (laughing meditation, coloring meditation, walking meditation and mindfulness) to holistic healing tips and yoga demonstrations. More than knowledge, Dee equips her clients with holistic tools and strategies of practical alkhemy, ancient wisdom and positivity to create long lasting healing.


18/06/22 to 24/06/22
Noble Alkhemy