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Finding the Light in the Darkness! (Love or Fear)

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

This stunning piece by my dear soul sister is so timely, this crazy time in our world is calling us to go deeper and look at what really matters, we choose to be here, right here right now, as much is it sometimes doesn't feel like it, you are right where you are meant to be and are fully guided in this moment. It takes a lot of courage to have faith and to trust, we are all feeling it, you are not alone, you are loved and worthy. One day when this is all over I hope to meet you on a soulful Sober Retreat where you will have a chance to connect back to yourself and your spirit. Blessings to all you strong, courageous beautiful souls xx

Collateral beauty is the truth that is hidden deeply within every single painful moment.

It’s the idea that no matter how cold and dark our reality is, when we lose someone we love, or don’t get that job, or fail at something we wanted so badly. When we experience something that brings us to our knees, that in those darkest moments, that alongside the pain and sorrow, always LOVE and BEAUTY are present right there in those moments too.

Collateral beauty at first is impossible for us to even consider or think about, let alone see or feel. The pain is just too huge. And in its grips, we are momentarily lost in darkness. But it's there. It's always there. The power of Beauty and Love is so strong, that even through death it will continue to be present. Beckoning us to follow its threads throughout time. Threads that lead us to discovering love where once, only darkness thrived.

The collateral beauty of a moment becomes the ripples, that spread out from our darkness and illuminate us, our lives and everything and everyone we touch. Sometimes through this life and into the next, uniting us in Love with souls we will never forget. Souls and moments that touch us so deeply, they forever change who we are. These moments, when they occur, manage to tear us apart, and then somehow, maybe years later, or maybe sooner, they also put us back together again.

But in our reformation, we become something totally new!

Something we could never have been without this experience. It is our very moments of darkness, of extreme weakness, that become the strength we need to become more than we ever thought possible. Collateral beauty is what LIVING is all about. It's the truth that often the darkest parts of our lives are our teacher and that the reward and glorious beauty that is always present and always traveling alongside these moments is LOVE.

Our challenge as spiritual beings living in a human experience is to find the collateral beauty present in all moments. Human consciousness is currently enveloped powerfully in the vibration of fear. Fear of the Corona virus, fear of illness, fear of death. Fear is the antithesis of Love. Where fear thrives, love withers.

But alongside the fear of the virus is the collateral beauty of this current epidemic.

People are talking about fear in positive loving ways. My news feed on social media is full of sharing on ways to deal with fear. We are all realizing that the fear itself can make us sick. Whether we come into contact with the virus or not. Fear weakens our immune system, depletes our vitality and lowers our vibrations.

Choose Faith or Fear

We are becoming aware that fear is a war on our consciousness. It erodes our connection with our Godself. But our fear asks us to make a choice. It asks us to choose faith and love. Love and faith over fear. Fear has us gripping on tightly onto the wheel of the bus. Running in ego, becoming removed from our Godself, we become small, small LITTLE humans, of LITTLE faith. Faith sets us free again. Faith is the collateral beauty running alongside our fear, reminding us that there are no mistakes. That all is unfolding according to Divine Will.

How do we feel?

The lockdown is an opportunity to face ourselves. Fully, and with unconditional Love. We carve out space for ourselves. We sit deeply with how we feel. We ask ourselves, how am I actually feeling? Without judgment. Knowing how we currently feel is ok. We are always ok. Then we respond to ourselves. With love and compassion.

This is how we will heal our fear. We acknowledge it, and we feed it love and faith. Faith and love demand the death of fear. We face our fear squarely, with courage, and we get up and get on with our lives, armed with the protection of love and faith.

We see LOVE

The collateral beauty of the Corona virus is right here before us. We see love. We realise how much we love living, and the freedom to live and act as we desire. We have become acutely aware of how much we love and still want to experience and explore this beautiful magical life. We are starting to see fear, and choose not to fall into its negative vibrations. We are making the conscious choice to choose love and faith instead.

There is HOPE

We may be in quarantine but we are not quarantined from our higher self, our heart space or our truth. This is a reset for all of us. If beauty and love are always present, even in the darkest of moments, there is always hope. Hope that brings the promise of a new dawn.

Don’t miss the Collateral beauty present here and now, in every moment of this amazing, miraculous, beautiful life.

Author - Kim - Confirmations of self

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