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This life is NOT a Dress Rehearsal!

What Are You Waiting For?

Being the right age, having all your ducks in a row? Being the right size? Having the right job, the right partner? Guess what, there is never a better time then NOW. Think about it, do we even know that there is a future? The only moment that is actually happening is right NOW. This is where you hold all of your power, right in this moment you have a choice to act or to stay stuck. I know for me, being stuck is not an option, and it shouldn't be for you either, you my beautiful friend, deserve a life of greatness and joy.

I wanted to write this to you as I also need to hear it. I am the only one who can take action in my life, there is nobody else that can change your reality. Nothing outside yourself will ever be enough, you are in control of it all and that no amount of alcohol, drugs, food, sex, whatever it is that you use to keep you from your greatness, will fill the emptiness you feel inside, only you can fill that void .

Are you wishing & Hoping things would be different but not taking ACTION?

How many of you sit at home or at work or where ever and think I wish I was doing that or I wish I had this or I could be like that, but do nothing about getting it? Are you letting your fear or doubt stop you from achieving your dreams and goals? How many of you sit in your room, lonely and sad wishing you had more friends or a better more fulfilling life, that you could stop drinking or using drugs, get healthier, learn something new, but your not taking the action?

We have to go out there and get it ladies, if we don't change the way we think and our actions, nothing is going to change, it's like doing the same thing and hoping for a different result, madness! I know for me that I don't want to be a sad old lady lying on my death bed wishing I had done the things that were burning on my heart, or wishing I had a more joyful life or regretting not making a better life for myself when I had the chance. It's never to late to start again, never! I'm only 44 and I have been a award winning Chef, Police Officer, Zumba Instructor, I moved to Bali and started my Sober Retreat business and the biggest & best achievement, which changed my life,, I finally got Sober! And there is so much more ahead. Everything is possible. You are worth it!

Are your beliefs yours?

We are conditioned not to take chances, to step outside the norm, to stay in our comfort zones, to sabotage things that will actually bring us joy, we are conditioned to live in a box, shaped by society, our parents! We often let the beliefs of others hold us back, and its normally too late before we realize that we haven't even been living our own life, our own truth. When you actually look at your beliefs & fears you will realize none of them are yours! Its time to recondition these beliefs, it time to ask, what do you want for your life, your one chance here on planet Earth? It may sound morbid but in thinking that today could be your last, are you happy with the life you have and who you are?

Couple of great questions for you, I must admit they made me think!

  1. How would I like to spend this day if it was the last one I have? It could well be....

  2. What would you like people to say about you, when you die? Who you were, what you were like?

  3. Am I the person I want to be right now?

  4. What fulfills you and inspires you?

  5. What would you like to experience in your life?

  6. Is how I am living my life bringing me joy?

  7. What do I need to do to make it better & am I taking the action to do it?

Take a look at your beliefs..

Lets have a look at your beliefs and see which ones are yours and which ones you have inherited. Take different area's of your life, for example, love, work, health, money. Write them down and ask 1. Do I know this to be true (As in I have experienced it personally) or 2. Have I been told this. Most of them you will find are hand me downs and the great thing about that is, they can be changed. Woop Woop, we don't have to live our lives with the beliefs of others!


I know you have probably heard this before but have you really heard it? LIFE IS NOT A REHEARSAL!!!!! This is it, so are you doing what you want to do with your life? Are you being the best version of yourself, for you and your loved ones, but most importantly, FOR YOU! I know for me I need this wake up call, I need to take action! So if you want to be sober, do what it takes, get the support you need, do the work! If you want to meet more friends, go out and meet people, if you want a new career, start taking the steps, if your in a bad relationship, get out. If you want to love yourself more, do esteem-able acts and work on having some self respect, be of service, forgive yourself and have some self compassion. If you want to connect more with your higher power, nurture that relationship through meditation and prayer. If you want to travel and see the world, plan it and DO IT. This stuff doesn't just come, we need to take the action, take the steps and be the courageous warriors that we all are.

You are ready to take ACTION?

My wish to you all is that you don't leave here with dreams inside you, that you don't let the world pass you by, your have the power to take action, to change the beliefs inside of you that hold you back, you are a fierce creator, divine being, deserving of all that you wish and everything is possible if you believe and take the action, faith and trust are great, but action is required also. Don't be afraid, you are guided.

The time truly is NOW, don't miss out on what this world has to offer. Don't waste time thinking about it, do it. Life itself is magical, the fact you woke up this morning is a miracle, don't waste it, life is to be experienced in all its glory xx

Much love and blessing - Maree x .

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