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Sacred Geometry Quantum Healing Retreat with Sheetal Rajan

$2500 USD Twin Share

What will you experience during this 7-day Sacred Geomegry Quantum Healing Retreat?


  • You will experience a deep detox from negative patterns of your life

  • You will discover the power of your energy field through the lens of Sacred Geometry

  • You will undergo deeply transformational guided exercises and meditations

  • You will experience inner peace and develop a deep relationship with your subtle energies

  • You will understand and practise quantum healing and manifestation

  • You will connect with soul family from around the world

  • You will take home notes and tools and special gifts that will support your spiritual journey

  • You will fall in love with Bali!

Sheetal, Energy Coach and founder of The Sacred Being, welcomes you on a seven-day journey into the world of Sacred Geometry Quantum Healing and its connection to the human experience.

Qayanat is derived from the Arabic word for ‘all that is’ or ‘all beings’. A promise that this retreat will catalyse a quantum leap towards aligning you to your highest self and awakening your connection to the universal oneness.

After successful workshops across 8 countries and many more global online seminars and sessions, Sheetal has crafted this journey with deeply cathartic exercises and activations that will teach you to transform any obstacle into peace, passion and abundance.


An international energy coach, researcher and corporate consultant, Sheetal has facilitated events in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Turkey, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Dubai, India and more. Along with being a certified Quantum Healer, Sheetal is also an enigmatic speaker with a captivating personality. Her research in Sacred Geometry and its connection to human consciousness helps activate seekers in raising their vibration and unlocking abundance in their lives. 

For well over a decade, Sheetal traveled both physically and intellectually, expanding her knowledge into areas of quantum science, metaphysics, energy healing, manifestation laws, self-care, mindfulness and breathwork. On one such visit to the mountains of Nepal, she found herself aligning with the universal energy matrix and downloading the absolute wisdom of Sacred Geometry. She describes the experience as being “as natural as breathing, and yet, as overwhelming as an avalanche”. Upon returning to her home, she immediately began her research and study into the subject and today, she shares her learnings with seekers around the world.

As an Energy Coach, Sheetal uses her knowledge of Sacred Geometry and her quantum abilities to reengineer the human energy field. She guides clients to heal themselves from psychological blocks, illnesses and even chronic conditions, so they can enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life; as well as evolve their consciousness.



04/05/22 to 11/05/22
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