Maisie - Mentoring

Maree is both an amazing enlightened being and spiritual coach!


She is a beautiful soul with an incredible understanding of the universe and our combined and individual purposes on this planet. She has truly helped me grow my confidence within myself and find and honor my own beautiful path.


Thank you so much for all your invaluable support and wisdom, I feel truly blessed for the time we've had together! Namaste xx

Ed -- Mentoring

Maree is a real person. There is no grandeur in her spiritual teaching. Maree teachings you in the right direction, and that direction is yourself. She speaks to the soul in you and cuts through the masks, beliefs, and rules you are carrying.

The seemingly magical part of Maree is that she really sees you. Not the “you” that you are showing to the world, but the “you” that is unchanging; the “you” that you were when you first came to this world. It can be disconcerting when you are used to having people interact with your mask and not with how you are really feeling. But mostly, it is freeing.


Being seen without judgement helped/is helping me to be more authentic, to trust my own wisdom, and to not be afraid to let it show in my daily life. Love your self before you give love to the world, that's what I remember the most. Love you Guru 🙏

Priyanka - Mentoring

I would like to extend my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Maree Mackenzie for being constant and super supportive during our interactions where I could simply talk about my deeper thoughts and uneasy feelings. Marees approach was so welcoming where we  discussed emotional problems, told life stories and certain experiences and found effective solutions to it. All this holds meaning to my life.


Sometimes we need someone to talk and it's a blessing when one could easily voice out or talk about something that weighs our mind. I myself in the counselling journey and been chosen by divine to help many but I was lucky enough to get some new ways of thinking and different techniques that made a big difference in my life as well.


Was encouraged by Maree in all ways that linked to happier place. Thank you Maree my friend ,guide for sharing and teaching beautiful life  lessons and I look forward for many more interactions in future where we can learn and grow together to make our and others life better and beautiful. 

I wish you all the very best for your journey ahead and may you help and heal many in the coming years.. I will remember your words that is deeply engraved in my heart that,


Educator, Counselling and Art Therapy Practitioner 

When you mind your mind, your mind will mind you.

Amanda - Mentoring

I had the pleasure to meet Maree and work closely with her during our online mentoring sessions, we worked together on wisdom sharing sessions, meditation, pranayama and kundalini asanas. She has a warm, grounding and motherly energy which constantly replenished me. Has a very positive outlook on life, and she could uplift anyone with her beautiful melodious voice and I am very grateful for Maree for our time together. I highly recommend her service.

Laura - Retreats

I had a life changing experience with Maree. I would do it again in a heartbeat. So perfectly organised, last minute changes handled with ease and comfort. Anything I needed or wanted she got for me, booked for me, organised transport for me. Stunning luxury accommodation. I have made 7 girl friends for life from around the world. This is truely an experience not to miss!

Maree is such a beautiful person, she was always around, spent time with all of us and we all got to know her individually. She speaks Indonesian, is kind, trustworthy, open and a lot of fun!
Thank you Maree xxx

Nicola - Retreats

Our trip to Bali was phenomenal!! It was the trip of a lifetime and my favourite holiday I've had overseas so far (don't tell my family!) It's hard to describe with words what a truly incredible time I had. It was super fun and ticked all the boxes for a fabulous holiday. Beaach, pool, massages and spa treatments, cultural and spiritual experiences, incredible food, wonderful time with friends and new connections plus fantastic shopping! Also it was super cheap, for example dinner around $20 for incredible 2-3 course dinner with multiple freshly squeezed juice, smoothie etc. Sometimes dinner was even cheaper than that! Shopping and spa treatments also super cheap. Maree was an absolutely fantastic host who knew all the best places to go and gave us great advice of what to do during our stay.

Karla - Retreats

I was part of the August trip to Bali with Maree and it was amazing, adventurous and life changing. Maree is one of those people that when you meet her you instantly feel comfortable and like you’ve known her your whole life. She’s kind, trustworthy and compassionate. She has a love for Bali and it made the trip incredibly special. She had the perfect itinerary with a variety of day trips including cultural, spiritual and relaxation. And the food was amazing. I will definitely do another trip with Sober Girls Travel. Love you Maree

Jana - Retreats

Huge shout out to Maree for hosting us on our Bali trip. It was am extraordinary time with fantastic women in recovery. Maree didn't miss a beat with all the wonderful meals, treatments, spiritual activities, accommodation, guidance & support. She is an excellent tour guide and I loved seeing Bali from an "insider's" perspective. Maree when above and beyond to ensure we were all comfortable, had all our needs met and she organised the most awesome activities. I also loved the flexibility she included so we could all go our separate ways when we felt like it. I can't wait to join her on another trip back to Bali and elsewhere around the world. Travelling with fellow sober women was such a treat! If anyone wants to PM me directly for more info on Maree and her company, Sober Girls Travel, please feel free. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Maree for such an unbelievably fantastic experience.

Sarah - Retreats

Just finished the August Bali trip. Can’t speak of the experience highly enough. I’ve struggled with group travelling in the past but Maree just put me at ease instantly. Her open, honest and raw approach to life and us as a group enabled a sense group cohesion and proper connection. While we were all sober it was def not the only topic discussed. The Bali experience itself was the perfect mix of activities, culture, relaxation, learning and down time. Thinking about it.. do it.

Sam Ford - Retreats

I was fortunate enough to travel to India in March this year, 2020. The sights that were planned for us on our tour were spectacular but I have to say the highlight for me was Reddy, our tour guide. His knowledge ran deep, his temperament gentle and compassionate and his sense of humour charming. We were a group of 5 ladies travelling together and we all felt totally safe and cared for by Reddy. To have a tour operator of his caliber  guiding us through India was invaluable. 

Our trips on the bus transfers could have been long and boring but they weren’t because we were entertained by Reddy and Maree. They shared interesting information about the sights we were visiting and always made sure we were prepared for the day. Maree’s planning and organisational skills were on pointe, from comfortable hotels down to toilet stops and coffee shops. Maree also offered in-depth conversations and advice which was exactly what our group required being on a spiritual enriching tour.

We were in very competent hands with Reddy and Maree at the helm and our tour was pleasant and enjoyable. 

They are a talented and complimentary duo and their tours are well organised and executed wholeheartedly.
In Gratitude 

Michelle - Retreats

What a blessing to experience beautiful Bali without a focus on drinking. I have just finsihed a week trip with Maree as our host and could not rate the whole experience highly enough. Maree is a warm, passionate and caring host that goes out of her way to ensure you are having your best experience. Her local knowledge and love for Bali, along with her friendships with local entrepreneurs made the whole experience something special. I found the food, cluture, shopping amazing. But my true highlight was the spiritual experience I gained during this trip. Bali truly is special and I will be back in a heartbeat. Looking forward to another trip with Sober Girls Travel.

Jody Larid - Retreats

I went with Maree and Reddy for 2 weeks in India and loved it. I met Maree in Bali when I went there for a sober retreat she hosted and she instantly felt like a best friend I’ve had for years. She’s truly one of the most genuine people I know, and she cares so much about her girls on her trips. Any problem or issue (2 weeks in a foreign country with a bunch of women- there will be issues 😜) is met with grace and patience and a ‘let’s figure this out’ attitude. Seriously could not wish for more from her.  Salt of the earth. 

Reddy was our local guide and he is equally awesome! So young and funny and smart. Knew TONS of history and details about anywhere we went. Some of our girls were interested in the religions in India and he has a wealth knowledge about that as well. Had connections in every city to get anything we needed. He even keeps track of which places have the best restrooms (a concern in India!) so he would advise us when we should go because there wouldn’t be a good one for a while. Haha. Those kinds of details are overlooked but important when you’re spending time so far removed from the norm. But the best part about Reddy is his sense of humor. We did a lot of touring and he always kept us laughing. You could see other groups with local tour guides and no one was having as much fun as we were. Mind you- we all hadn’t met before this trip, so there were no prior relationships to lean on. 

My experience in India was more than I was expecting. I would not hesitate to go back with Maree and Reddy.