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We started Sober Retreats to show you that travel doesn’t need to stop when you give up drinking and that it actually only gets better in recovery. Sober Retreats is your safe place to come and experience amazing soulful journeys with the support of your sober family. Sober vacations are the new way to travel. 

We understand that sometimes the thought of traveling as a sober person can be a little daunting however it doesn’t need to be when you join a Sober Retreats - your community has your back and you will be fully supported by your host and one of our sober team the whole way, from the time of booking until you head home. 

Sober travel can be fun, soulful and joyful.  Join one of our Sober Retreat and see for yourself. Our retreats are all about you and your recovery! Sober retreats are mainly focused on relaxation, healing, wellness, meditation, yoga and many more soulful goodies. You deserve a life full of joy and happiness and we can’t wait to have you join us on this journey.


All our retreats and tours are alcohol free adventures for all people in recovery or seeking recovery.

All of our retreats here are either run by sober retreats themselves or by their amazing collaboration partners, please connect directly with them to book. We work together with other sober leaders and sober groups to host their own magical sober retreats to give you heaps of variety, so we welcome sober mentors, coaches, recovery and wellness leaders or even a group of sober friends to get in touch, to work together with us to bring your sober retreat dream to life.  We fully customize your Retreat your way and our experienced sober team will be with you to assist you in every detail, so reach out and let’s create magic together. Check out all our amazing trips. 

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Euphoric Af Presents

Becoming You Bali Retreat

22nd to 29th October 2022

Personal growth retreat, Spiritual and Meditative Experiences, Bali Culture, Relaxing Excursions, New amazing AF friends.

$3100 USD

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Coed Trip

Costa Rica Sober Retreat

19th - 26 November 2022


A thanksgiving sober adventure near central mountain range in Costa Rica.

$1736 USD to $2581 USD

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Mixed Coed Trip

Bali - Transformational Retreat with Matt Pink & Andy Ramage

3 June to 10 June 2023

Come and join us as we fly away to Bali, Indonesia for a 7-day alcohol-free adventure of a


Women Only

Breath of Bali
Sober Retreat 


Come experience sober travel again or for the first time!

With healing, food, amazing cultural, sober adventures and of course sober connection. Join Karen from Mad Moose Mindfulness on this 8 day sober journey. 

Coed Trip

Collab Retreat with Neda Boin Voice Liberation Retreat Bali

11th to 18th November 2022

Let us go deep within our unconscious mind to liberate the blocks we have built against the love we truly are. Alcohol & Drug Free

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Women Only

Sober in India Tour

28th February to 10th March 2023

"We have crafted this amazing

bucket-list adventure, especially for sober ladies ."

$2777 USD

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Mixed Coed Trip

Sober Soul Expansion Retreat Bali

 July 2023

Let the magic of Bali embrace you on this journey to your Souls Expansion.


$1885 USD

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Sobriety Sisterhood

Bali Retreat

13th to 20th November 2022

Join Ellen from The Sobriety Sisterhood  on this once and a lifetime recovery journey.

Designed for women who are seeking freedom from alcohol, and empowerment in Sacred Bali. 

$1725 GBP

Women Only

Sober Retreats & Sobah Sistahs Presents - Sober in Bali

14th to 21st  April 2023

Designed for sober women who are seeking, healing, growth, connection and a soulful adventure.

$1850 USD per person

Early Bird - Pay your deposit $500 USD before 01/12/2022 $1750 USD

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Mixed Coed Trip

Bali Spiritual Connection Retreat 

June 10 - 17, 2023


Nothing changes if nothing changes: make a change now and join us in Bali to take your recovery to the next level.