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The Joyful Life Bali Retreat - Yoga & Kuchipudi



“Open Heart, Relaxation, Blissfulness”

Exquisite Yoga holiday Retreat immersed in the majesty of the lush jungle, we will draw on the strength of the landscape full of peace and magic energy of Bali and welcomed by its customs and traditions. This retreat is for everyone, there is no age to feel joy and to practice fluid yoga and dance surrounded by the beauty of Ubud Nature. We will learn to reopen our hearts to constantly flow into the joy. The fluid practices of yoga and Indian Dance will help us to free and balance matter with the spirit in full harmony. You will take away with you these wonderful techniques that you can introduce as new habits in your new daily lifestyle, they will trace the way to a profound inner well-being by bringing back to the essence of the joy that was already born with you. Bali is every kind of natural beauty and a never ending adventure, you will have the privilege of experiencing it and we will be there to guide you.


Please download our itinerary for a full list of what's included. 



To bring an open heart and mind, let Bali fill your soul with light and bliss.



”Yoga / Meditation Teacher & Spiritual Mentor “

Extraordinary Energy Healer and warrior of the heart who raises her teaching. Her motto “The ability to find immobility in the continuously mobile” Formed between Italy and South Africa, Rosie has been studying the disciplines of Yoga and Meditation for about 15 year, driven by the curiosity to understand the essence of life. She is certified and registered Yoga Alliance Italia/European/International Worldwide. She deepens through readings of the greatest Free
Spirits and influential Spiritual Leaders in the world and conducted by wonderful teachers met on her journey. Her method is based on a new modern approach to teaching yoga combining disciplines and techniques, such as Pranayama, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Qi gong, kundalini that lead the practitioner to embrace a meditative state in their practice thanks to the fluid, harmonious almost dancing movements constantly focused on the breath. Thanks to her experience constantly evolving wisdom she accompanies her students towards the path of inner growth, focused on the awareness of the awakening of one’s self, to rejoin their soul by opening up to the evolutionary path rediscovering new potentialities of their own body
and their inner gifts. Rosie is also the creator and host of Yoga Retreats around the world, combining art and joy of living life. Travel lover has begun to accompany on this adventure since 2020. “I love to share yoga because it constantly contributes to exploring one’s own evolving essence”


“Yoga & Indian Dance Kuchipudi Teacher”

Finding yoga fascinated by ancient symbols since childhood, Ilinca found Yoga at  17 years old and has been practicing and studying for the past 21 years.


Her journey towards the inner being, has also led to outside travelling to the magical land of India, to learn from Gurus and Swamis, the mysteries of yoga. Ilinca adopted traditional yoga as he path in particular Kundalini, Ashtanga, Pranayama and other forms that include deeper meditation like Laya Yoga, Yoga Nidra e various techniques of mindfulness. Artistic by nature she founds Kuchipudi “Traditional Indian Dance” in 2018, a form of art that integrated itself perfectly with yoga. It also offered an artistic approach to some of yoga’s stronger “symbols”- the mudras, that she now shared with joy and love with her students. Initiation into this practice took place in Southern India at Shambavi School of dance – Bangalore, under the guidance of dance Guru  Ms Vyjayanthi Kashi that is still following her evolution.


Her students are guided from outside senses towards their inside universe and then deeper into their being in search of their divine essence. Teaching focuses on constant awareness on “Here and Now” combining her disciplines to the need. Teaching dance “ the sacred traditional one” is presented as such a wonderful way to share your soul. Its final goal is the same “unity” as yoga, but this time, you show it to the world and more than this, you are a channel through which the world can follow you in your “unity”.




Early Bird Private 1995 EURO
Early Bird Twin 1835 EURO
Early until 30th November 2021

Normal Private 2095 EURO
Normal Twin 1935 EURO

4/10/22 to 11/10/22
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