The Light Of The Heart Retreat

$2744 USD Private

$2555 USD Twin Share


Welcome to the inner journey of our sacred feminine and sacred masculine core. We will swim into the love and compassion waters to discover how powerful we can be when both aspects of the divine are in balance inside of us. We will experience through empathy and unconditional love, how we can extend this inner reality into our relationships, our work, projects, or business, and the purpose of life. We will go through deep channeling meditations, healing music, and rituals during the whole process. And all will happen in the sacred land of Bali, where the spirit of nature and the ancient traditions are so present and available to support our inner journey into the evolution of our soul.

Sabina ZP is an intuitive, coach, facilitator, channeler, and medium. She has a master's degree in communications and her business life encompasses experience in financing, project management, and technology. Her business life led her to become a certified coach and facilitator of Organisational Systemic Constellations, and a trained Family Constellations facilitator. She experienced her gifts and had to learn to live with them afterward which reflects through her intuitive work in a practical and grounded approach. She is inspired by Somatic Experiencing, Yoga, and other techniques which enable touching the root energy and empower the mind and body to self-heal. Currently, she is finishing her first channeled book on the future of our World 2050. She lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Loves traveling and finds deep relaxation in nature. Her inspirational superpowers are creativity, cooperation, and kindness.

Ravi is a manly self-taught and multi-instrumentalist musician. Born in a community dedicated to the practice of Yoga, he has always been linked to personal growth and spiritual search. He has been trained in different disciplines from a young age, like Chinese Medicine and many Healing and bodywork techniques. For him, art and spirit are totally connected, that is why mantras and sacred songs of the world predominate in his concerts, where you can feel an atmosphere of peace and meditation with great musical sensitivity and powerful moments of bliss. In recent years Ravi has been exploring the different paths of healing through sound and awareness. Finally, Presencia Sanadora©️ (the Healing Presence Experience) was born, which gathers all his research through the quantum field along with his personal internal journey with healing and sound based on silence and energetic fluctuation between movement and stillness. Today he is facilitating retreats around the world and group or individual sessions, both face-to-face or distance online, where he includes energy healing, but also personal growth and spiritual development.


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To bring your swimmers and a good attitude! There are plenty of places to buy the essentials like mozzie spray, toiletries etc in Bali.



Be prepared to immerse yourself in the Balinese culture and  enjoy your The Light of the Heart Retreat with us. 



13/03/21 to 20/03/21