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I co-lead my first international retreat organized by Soul Bliss Journeys. The credit for its seamless execution goes entirely to the remarkable team at Soul Bliss behind the scenes. 


The exceptional communication skills played a pivotal role in making the entire process smooth. They were prompt in responding to my inquiries, addressing any concerns I had, and providing all the necessary information well in advance. This level of attention to detail alleviated any pre-trip jitters, and showcased their dedication to ensuring that every participant felt fully prepared and at ease. Throughout the journey, Soul Bliss  made it a point to personally connect with each participant, creating an atmosphere of warmth and community. 


The retreat itself was beautifully orchestrated and a blend of rejuvenating activities and cultural exploration. Soul Bliss has a deep understanding of Bali and a skill for curating memorable experiences.

If you're considering leading a retreat, I encourage you to take the leap. Soul Bliss’ expertise, professionalism, and genuine kindness set a high standard for retreat organizers, your experience will be beyond your imagination.

Spiritual Wellness Practitioner and Coach
and Founder of

I wanted to take a moment to share my experience using Soul Bliss Journeys for my Bali retreat this past April. To say it was transformative would be an understatement.


Maree truly stands out as a master of retreat planning. Every single detail, from our accommodations to the daily activities, was meticulously designed and procured to perfection. I admit, I approached this retreat with a degree of trepidation. The thought of traveling to Bali, which marked both the furthest I've traveled and my first retreat, was daunting. Yet, Maree was compassionate and empathetic, ensuring she fully understood my anxiety about the long journey. With immense patience and insight, she talked me through my fears, empowering me to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


The instant I set foot in the Bali airport, I was greeted by a driver holding a sign with my name. It's hard to describe how reassuring this gesture was, making me feel both safe and valued right from the start. The subsequent week was nothing short of magical. Maree and her team's impeccable planning ensured that every day was seamlessly orchestrated, allowing me to fully immerse in the rich tapestry of experiences that Bali had to offer.


It was evident that Maree shares a special bond with the local community. The trust and respect she has cultivated with the people of Bali adds an unparalleled depth to her retreats. Each encounter, each activity felt authentic, heartfelt, and incredibly special.

By the end of the retreat, I was already in discussions with Soul Bliss Journeys for my next one. The memories I've forged, the friendships I've made, and the growth I've experienced during this retreat will stay with me forever. It's a testament to the dedication and passion Maree and her team pour into their work.


I cannot recommend Soul Bliss Journeys enough. Maree's expertise, the deep connections she has with the local community, and her team's meticulous planning are unmatched.

Sober Life Coach, Recovery Coach 
and Founder of

It had always been a dream of mine to host a retreat in Bali but I was overwhelmed by all the planning and logistics. 


I am so grateful that I met Maree; she and her team organized the retreat of my dreams.  From the first day we connected, I knew we were in the best hands. 


Once we arrived in Bali, they were on top of everything so I could focus on my community and the retreat.  Maree and her team went above and beyond to make sure we had the best time. 


By the end, everyone was raving about how well we were taken care of.  I can't imagine running a retreat without her!

Coach, Speaker, Writer 
and Founder of Wholehearted Coaching

My experience with Maree of Soul Bliss Journeys in Bali was over the top - AMAZING!  She and her dream team were there for me from the very beginning - choosing the right venue, tours and adventures, food choices, timing, planning the schedule and more!!  


As a seasoned retreat leader she was my dream come true - because I am used to doing all of this by myself.  However, traveling to Bali for my first time I really needed Maree for her wisdom and experience in a place I had never traveled.  Bright, cheerful and always with a Soul-ution - she was onsite and traveled with us on the adventures - if not her then one of her team members.  Just this! was way above my expectations.  


She is well-known and respected in Ubud as well as all the tours and venues she chooses.  My retreat was Women’s Spiritual Retreat for 10 days with a pre-retreat of 3 days.  The pre-retreat works as it gives everyone time to arrive, center and ground and get to know one another before THE retreat begins.  I am so grateful for my time in beautiful Bali and that I had Soul Bliss Journeys with me from beginning to end.  I’ll see you next year!

Yoga Teacher, Life Coach
and Founder of Mandala Healing Arts

Over the past decade, I have done workshops and retreats across the world and one of the most important things I look for in an event partner is 'alignment of ideals'. 
Maree Mackenzie from Soul Bliss Journeys exceeded my expectation with her deep understanding of my work as a Transformation Coach, because she herself is a guide for many seekers from around the world. 
Add to that, her big heart, eye for detail, expert organising skills and her inspiring relationship with her suppliers and the locals of Bali - are all reasons why I will continue to work with her for many years to come.

Transformational Coach
Founder at The Sacred Being

Maree is THE exemplary retreat coordinator. From the very moment she and I began discussing the potential of working together, I felt the sense of authenticity that immediately eased my trepidation. I had never planned an international retreat before, so I had a lot of skepticism and the whole process intimated me, yet I felt the magnetic calling to pursue this journey with her as my guide. With each step, maree guided me (without coercion or her own agenda) through the process of exploring my potentiality as a leader… she saw something in my work and my mission, brought it out from within me and took care of every single logistics detail so that I can just show up and use my craft as a integrative therapist with those who attended. Maree is also a master at connecting people to what they need… not only did she introduce me with the most amazing field trip venues and experiences throughout the planning process (in the midst of a global pandemic, mind you) she was poised, professional, consistent and adaptable the whole time my retreat participants and I were experiencing the actual retreat. 


Everyone knows Maree in Ubud. She has proven throughout the years just how magical and skilled she is at what she does. In essence, she has found a niche that aligns the purpose of her soul with her skill set and personality. Every detail was thought through and well executed. I am returning again next year with an even lager group because I am so confident in the Soul Bliss Journey Team’s ability to provide the highest level of a soulful retreat experience for us all. If you’re feeling the call to journey to Bali as a facilitator, but are overwhelmed or doubtful of whether or not it could happen, please gift yourself with the opportunity of working with Maree as your guide. You’ll be so grateful you did and you’ll be telling everyone about it as I am doing now. I have a sense that Soul Bliss Journeys will not have many spaces available because of the standards they practice, so trust your gut and start planning. One step at a time, divinely guided by the genius herself, Maree. 


Thank you. Bless you. I love you. 

Caitlin Peterson
 LCSW, CHT and Founder at Cait 

After visiting Bali seven years ago, I knew I wanted to return. I also knew I wanted to lead retreats for women there. The task seemed a bit overwhelming given I live halfway around the world from Bali. But when I came across Maree and Soul Bliss Journeys, I thought I had found an answer. I knew I had lots of ideas of what I wanted to include in a retreat for women in Bali, but I had no idea how to go about the logistics -- securing people to lead excursions and ceremonies, transportation, and all the other things that come with the ins and outs of putting a retreat together. That's where Maree and Soul Bliss Journeys came in. 


Maree has knowledge and experience having lived in Bali for a decade. She was someone on the ground with the connections needed to orchestrate my vision. The planning process was fun and I enjoyed working with Maree to put the entire week's package together. I felt confident in her abilities and trusted that she would provide careful execution of booking all the events, resort, meals, transport, etc. 


Having just concluded my retreat, I was blown away with how the entire week ran like clockwork. There was not one hiccup or snafu during the whole retreat! In my experience of attending and hosting numerous retreats and workshops, this is unheard of. I could not have been more pleased with Maree's coordination, as well as her warm spirit and generous heart. In fact, I've already booked my next retreat in Bali with Maree and Soul Bliss Journeys!

Founder at Love warrior Healing

Bali Retreat Planning Review by Dr. Megan Davidson

"Working with Maree was unlike any collaborations I have ever experienced. Maree had everything covered. Before I even realised something needed to be arranged, Maree already took care of all of it. She allowed me to fully focus on what I do best, teach and not worry about anything else. 


It was a wonderful feeling to feel so supported and cared for and that I truly only needed to focus on giving the retreat and not on any of the logistics and other stuff that truly I don't want to worry about while giving a retreat. Maree has raised the bar where I can't even see it anymore. I couldn't recommend her enough."

Singer, Voice Liberator
and Course in Miracles teacher

Hosting a retreat in Bali was a dream come true, and Maree was a huge part of that! Hosting a retreat in a far country can seem daunting, and yet Maree practically handled everything. All I had to do was show up with the attendees. 


She made all of us feel so welcome, so heard, and seen. Maree knows the best of the best of what to do in Bali. She arranged the most incredible excursions and activities for us. She has the best network of resorts, drivers, local spiritual practitioners, and more. 


Some of the things we witnessed felt like a local secret. Not only are all the logistics handled for you, she is hands on and makes sure everything is running smoothly all week. Bonus points for the most incredible goody bags waiting for all of us in our hotel and setting me up with the best photographer! 


I cannot wait to work with Maree again and host another retreat in Bali. If you're on the fence, just do it. You will never regret it! 

Best selling Author and
Founder of Euphoric Alcohol Free Movement

Karolina - Bali Retreat Review

Our retreat exceeded our expectations! From start to finish, this retreat provided the perfect blend of relaxation, personal growth, and connection with others.


First and foremost, the resort was absolutely stunning. Nestled deep in the rice fields of Bali, surrounded by lush greenery and peaceful tranquility, it provided the ideal environment for unwinding and rejuvenating. The moment we arrived, we could feel our stress melt away.


What truly set this retreat apart was the incredible team at Soul Bliss Journeys. They were knowledgeable, caring, and genuinely passionate about helping each and every participant make the most of their experience. Having their team with our group allowed us, the retreat leaders, to fully participate and interact with our participants. SBJ supported us in creating a safe and supportive space where everyone could explore and connect with one another on a deeper level.


One of the most memorable aspects of this retreat was the sense of community and connection that was fostered among the participants.


We highly recommend Soul Bliss Journeys to anyone looking to create a memorable retreat! 

Certified Wellcoach® & Wellness Advocate
and Founder of Plant Chics 

"I have just got back from hosting my first retreat in Bali with Soul Bliss Journeys, and firstly I will say, I have zero doubt that this is the beginning of a long working relationship (and friendship) and there will be many more retreats to come. 


When I first had contact with Maree, I got the sense straight away that the retreat would be special and we weren’t disappointed.  The organization, activities and logistics were all taken care of brilliantly. She worked with me to create a custom package and went above and beyond expectations to find activities that I asked for.  


Maree is trustworthy, professional and kind, as are the entire team that work with her.  We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  I would without doubt recommend Maree and Soul Bliss Journeys to anyone wanting to host a retreat in Bali."

Sobriety and Behaviour Coach
and Founder of Sobriety Sisterhood 

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