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Walk down any street in Bali, and the first thing you’ll see by your feet are the daily offerings - small, square, woven baskets made from cut coconut leaves and filled with flowers – accompanied by an assortment of gifts for the Gods and topped with a single  stick of incense.

There are incredible variety in the offerings Balinese offer. We will learn how to make the everyday offerings as you understand their significance in the Balinese culture.

This activity will be done at the venue.

Duration : 1 to 2 Hours


Batik art is a textile technique that uses wax and dye to create stunning patterns on a piece of fabric, such as cotton, silk, linen, or rayon.

Originally from the island of Java in Indonesia, the technique of batik painting goes back to at least the 12th century, though some historians believe that batik was already a well-established textile art in the region prior to this time. By the early 1800s it migrated to Europe, and batik fabric was on display at the Parisian Exposition Universelle in 1900.

The process for how to batik fabric is similar in many ways to silk painting, with wax being used in lieu of resist. And while the process is relatively simple, it does vary slightly depending on region, with artists throughout Asia and Africa using their own unique ways of applying batik art to fabric.

In this class, textile artist and instructor Nyoman Werta provides a helpful tutorial for beginners who are interested in learning how to batik.

The classs takes place at a traditional house in the centre of Ubud. 

Duration : 3 Hours


Get the creative juice flowing as you make your own mala necklace. Malas — also known as yoga beads or japamalas — are necklaces that usually have 108 beads. Mala, Sanskrit for “garland,” is often used to enhance spiritual practice.You may see people use malas while practicing yoga and meditation. 

Mala beads have been around for thousands of years, created in India over 3,000 years ago. They are rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism and are meant to help you focus your mind during meditation. 

Mala beads traditionally have 108 beads. The number is often described as the numerical equivalent of “Om,” one of the most important spiritual sounds in meditation.


The largest bead, in the center, is known as the guru. It is said to hold the energy generated during your practice.

It's believed they can help heal the body, bring the mind into a quiet mood and increase clarity. Make a wonderful special spiritual gift for you or someone special!

This activity is taken place at the venue.

Workshop: 2 hours



Engage in a captivating dialogue with Benny, a young changemaker revolutionizing the traditional food "Tempe" into a healthier, cleaner, and more delicious version. Disturbed by the prevalence of imported soybeans in Indonesian Tempe production, Benny is on a mission to promote local soybean cultivation, empowering a workforce predominantly composed of women.


Through his enterprise, he has introduced innovative products like Gluten-Free Tempe Chips, Chocolate Tempe Cookies, Instant Tempe, and continues to spearhead further culinary advancements.


Explore the story behind Benny's Tempe revolution and the impactful transformations he's ushering in. Meet one of the most passionate young innovators in the world of Tempe and learn about his journey, life story, and the challenges within the Tempe industry. You can also witness the Tempe production process, from soybeans to the finished product.

Learn the intricate techniques of Tempe making and the unique fermentation process and try your hand at making your own Tempe, guided by the steps and special yeast ingredients. ⁠Indulge in a tasting session featuring a variety of tempe products, from crackers to chocolate Tempe cookies.Take home some handmade Tempe as a delightful souvenir and certificate.

Workshop: 3 Hours


Discover the enchanting Batuan village, a treasure trove of ancient crafts in Gianyar Regency. Immerse

yourself in the artistry of skilled silversmiths who meticulously preserve traditional techniques. Witness the creation of handcrafted jewelry a rarity in the modern era and support the preservation of this timeless tradition. Each piece is crafted with care, from shaping to filling, decorating, and finishing, using age-old methods. Your day in Batuan promises a journey into a world long forgotten, leaving you with not just a beautiful piece of Bali magic but also a deeper appreciation for the enduring legacy of artisanal craftsmanship.

Meet local silversmith artisans and delve into their craft and Balinese life stories. Enjoy local snacks and drinks while crafting your masterpiece. Observe silver ingredients and tools used in jewelry making. ⁠Design your own jewelry from scratch, guided by the silversmith. Learn local techniques, from sketching to building, heating, and arranging. Take home your unique jewelry design as a precious


Workshop: 3 Hours


Discover Bali's exceptional ceramic heritage as we meet Ari, a local hero deeply passionate about

ceramics. Ari shares his journey in the art of ceramic making and creation, offering insights into unique Balinese techniques. Engage in hands-on exploration, learning and crafting alongside Ari, unlocking the secrets of this ancient craft. This experience not only unveils the beauty of Balinese ceramics but also fosters a connection with a dedicated artisan, enriching your understanding and appreciation of this vibrant artistic tradition.

Meet Ari and delve into his inspiring ceramic journey, hearing captivating stories about his

craft. Witness some of Ari's remarkable creations, each accompanied by its unique narratives. Gain insights into the pottery-making process with a guided tour of Ari's factory. Engage in hands-on pottery shaping and coloring with different technique. As your masterpiece requires time to finish,

opt for a substitute ceramic piece that you can select and take home.

Workshop: 3 Hours


We all love documenting beautiful experiences on camera to show it to our family and friends back home or to use it as a means of marketing a retreat for your tribe.  In this digital marketing age, we all know how powerful videos and photos can be. Soul Bliss Journeys have realized the importance of documenting your retreat experience, so we started offering these services to our retreat leaders.

We charge $100 USD per hour. You will get all the 4K raw footage, one professional edited compilation video and all the photographs taken on the shoot. If you choose 7 hrs or more in total for your retreat, you get a discounted hourly rate of $70 per hour.


You can choose any activity on your retreat to be filmed. We highly recommend you to get your retreat filmed, so you can use the professional videos for your next retreats.

You can also book the photographer for your personal photoshoots. This can be booked by individual guests as well. All the footage will be given within 2 weeks after the shoot. 

Duration: You can select the hours you want the shoot to be and the exact content you want to receive. 

PLEASE NOTE : It is important to consider the number of guests and length of stay when selecting activities. Also, don't forget that it can take a while to get to and from various activities so we would suggest choosing only one activity per day. But don't worry too much as we will put together the itinerary for you.

If there is an activity not on the list that you would like, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen for you. We are always updating our list to ensure we provide the best services possible to all our clients at Soul Bliss Journeys. Get in touch today to discuss your options. 


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