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Jungle Eco Retreat

Welcome to a sustainable resort in the Heart of Bali. It is nestled deep in the verdant landscapes of Balinese Jungles far from all the hustle and bustle of any Balinese town.


Our Jungle Eco Resort is surrounded by rice fields and terraces as far an eye can see. It houses a natural swimming pool and a private waterfall inside the property. Come and take refuge in the rhythmic symphony of Jungle breeze and heal on the deepest level.

Note: It is best suited for intimate gatherings and introspection. It is 90 mins from Ubud. 

Complete Packages Starts from $1950 Per Person/Week for Private Room. Complete Packages include Airport Transfers, Activities, Transportation through out the retreat, Accommodation, Food, Guides, Hosts inclusions, Host's Work VISA and more.

Jungle Eco Retreat - Villa View.jpg

Why Jungle Eco Retreat?


Open-air Sleeping

With open-air overwater bungalows, enjoy ever changing and vibrantly coloured views of rice paddies, mountain streams, food forests as far as the eye can reach and even the sea. 


Farm to Table Restaurant

At Jungle Eco Retreat, indulge in organically grown food at the resort's restaurant to rediscover the pure taste of fruits, vegetables, freshwater fish and pasture raised organic chicken.


Yoga Space & Spa

The yoga space at the venue has sweeping views of surrounding rice fields. Yoga space is equipped with brand new mats, bolsters, straps and blocks. Yoga space can hold 20 participants. Jungle Eco Retreat is equipped with spa.


Balinese Staff

All the staff at our retreat centre are locals from the nearby villages. A private chef is also available at our venue to help with specific dietiary needs.


Rice Fields 

Jungle Eco Retreat is set in the middle of lush rice fields and Jungle. It is 90 minutes drive from Ubud. It is a perfect space for leaders/teachers who wants complete seclusion for their retreat.


Reconnect with Nature

This Jungle Eco Retreat is a green sanctuary in the heart of the island where travelers reconnect with nature, discover pure food and immerse themselves in tropical food forests, permaculture, and traditional Balinese life. 

Jungle Eco Retreat - View from the Air.jpg

How we work with Retreat Leaders?

Soul Bliss Journeys is a retreat planning and management company based in Ubud, Bali. We help retreat leaders host their retreats in Bali by providing end-to-end assistance. 

Over the years, we have compiled life changing, authentic experiences for leaders & their clients from all over Bali. Our retreat leaders can select the activities from our large range of offerings for their retreat, along with fully deciding on the sessions for their guests. We guide you all the way.


We help leaders with itinerary planning, choosing the perfect venue and activities for their tribe, logistics, airport transfers and more. See our reviews to here what our leaders and their guests have to say.

To know more check out our 'How We Work Page'. Click the button below. 

A Little Bit About the Venue

Nestled amidst the lush greenery and pristine beauty of Bali's breathtaking landscapes, this eco-friendly retreat offers an unforgettable getaway that combines tranquility with a deep commitment to sustainability.


Step into a world where nature takes center stage. Jungle Eco Retreat is carefully designed with 8 stand-alone bungalows which blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, allowing you to immerse yourself in the serenity of Bali's verdant rainforests. Each eco-friendly villa or bungalow is thoughtfully constructed using sustainable materials and practices, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while providing you with utmost comfort and tranquility.


Jungle Eco Retreat has it own private waterfall only accessible by guests. Jungle Eco Retreat employs renewable energy sources, such as hydro power, to minimize the carbon footprint. They also cultivate organic gardens that supply our on-site restaurant with fresh, locally sourced ingredients like vegetables, fruits, chicken and fish by delivering a culinary experience that tantalizes the taste buds while supporting local farmers and reducing food miles.


Due to its location, it provides us with more than half a dozen of trails for Trekking activities through lush jungle trails, rice fields, crystal-clear rivers and waterfalls. You can engage in local village community initiatives, where you can participate in offering making or learn traditional Balinese crafts from local artisans, fostering a deeper connection with the local culture and people.

Jungle Eco Retreat promises an unforgettable experience that leaves a positive impact. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bali's eco-conscious paradise and let us take you on a journey that harmonizes sustainability, serenity, and authentic Balinese hospitality.

It can accommodate 16 people on Private Beds.

Gallery of the Retreat Venue

Jungle Eco Retreat - View from the Air
Jungle Eco Retreat - Waterfall at the Venue
Jungle Eco Retreat - Villa with Fish Ponds
Jungle Eco Retreat - Villa View
Jungle Eco Retreat - Villa View
Jungle Eco Retreat - Villa next to the stream
Jungle Eco Retreat - Villa in the Jungle
Jungle Eco Retreat - Villa and green spaces
Jungle Eco Retreat- Balcony View
Jungle Eco Retreat - Views from the Bedroom
Jungle Eco Retreat - Rice fields View
Jungle Eco Retreat - Meditation and Yoga space
Jungle Eco Retreat - Gardens
Jungle Eco Retreat - Jungle View
Jungle Eco Retreat - Evening Villa View
Jungle Eco Retreat - drone View
Jungle Eco Retreat - Ricefields View
Jungle Eco Retreat - Chill Spaces
Jungle Eco Retreat - Chill Spaces and Views
Jungle Eco Retreat - Bathroom Setup
Jungle Eco Retreat - Bedrooms and Couches
Jungle Eco Retreat - Bedroom
Jungle Eco Retreat - Bedroom with a view
Jungle Eco Retreat - Bedroom View
Jungle Eco Retreat - Bedroom and Chill Space
Jungle Eco Retreat - Bathroom View
Jungle Eco Retreat - Bedroom and Chill space on the Balcony
Jungle Eco Retreat - Bathroom View at a Villa
Jungle Eco Retreat - Villa Jungle View

*Click on the Image to see the Full-Screen View and the description of Images. 

What you get?

  • Full Pre-Retreat and On-Retreat support for the Retreat Leader

  • VISA sponsored by our company to lead a retreat in Bali (Mandatory)

  • Creation of itinerary and all the logistics documents

  • Workable payment schedule and minimum risk 

  • Low start out cost to book the retreat space & our services (15 Million IDR - Approximately $1000 USD)

  • On-site private chef just for your retreat group

  • Exclusives access to the whole retreat space 

  • Open-Air rooms with en-suite bathrooms

  • An on-site restaurant, Spa, Yoga space and natural swimming Pool

  • Food from garden to the table. The produce is locally sourced from the organic gardens at the resort

  • Assistance with all the excursions and activities on the resort

  • Private Waterfall in the Resort

  • Wide selection of healthy breakfast 

  • Free water, balinese coffee and tea during whole stay

  • Complimentary activities on side – offering Making by local women, Balinese Mangku blessing ceremony, Bonfire Night, 3 Hrs trek through village, jungle and rice fields

Video of the Venue

Our Other Partner Venues

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